Vital Spark understands that our website visitors are concerned about what information is collected about them and how it is used.  Therefore, we have committed ourselves to protect your privacy when you use our website and ensuring that any information that comes to us is kept secure and confidential and is used only for the purposes for which it was provided.

 1: Personal Information

Vital Spark does not automatically collect or store personal information about you when you access our website.  If, however, you complete our contact form or send us an email enquiry, we may collect information from you in order to deal with that enquiry.  This information may include your name, postal address, email address and telephone number. 

We have made every effort to ensure that your enquiry can be sent directly to the person that can assist you.  If for any reason that person is unable to assist, he or she may need to pass certain information to another member of staff or department within the company to help in closing your enquiry. 


2: What may be done with the personal information we collect from you?


Vital Spark will only hold your personal information for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry and we will only hold it for as long as is necessary to complete the enquiry.

We will keep your personal information as safe and secure as reasonably possible and will endeavour to protect it from loss and unauthorised access or disclosure.

Vital Spark will not pass on your personal information to any third party.


3: What happens if we change our Privacy Policy?


If we require to make changes to our Privacy Policy, the changes can be found here.  If, for any reason, we need to use your personal information in a different way to how we have described it in our Privacy Policy, we will ask for your consent before doing so.