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Having owned, enjoyed, and traded British Classic Cars over the years - the husband and wife team, Gary and Rebecca, together with talented & experienced engineers Paul and Artur, founded Cotswold Based Vital Spark  after becoming more aware of the negative impact their driving passion was having on the planet and wanted to change this passion for good.  Joined operationally by Ula, Sean & Eric, the team and business is growing.

Whilst everyone knows the future for modern cars is electric - we believe that electric cars need to be the norm now.  By converting and maintaining our heritage classics we will be using less of our earth's precious natural resources and leave less damage too whilst preserving our heritage for future generations.

At all points of our production and operating processes we strive to minimise waste, reuse what we can, use local suppliers and workforce, and continue to seek better methods of production and working at every stage of the process.  Everything that we are unable to reuse is recycled and new components are either salvaged or created with recycled materials wherever possible.  Whilst we haven't perfected this yet - we strive to work towards this sustainable ethic and hope that we can encourage you to join us too!

We firmly believe that classic cars do not need to be just your weekend car but can now become your main run around as the days of engine trouble on cold days are no more with electrification. 


So, isn't it time you considered an electric classic car or electrifying that one in your garage?

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