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The choices we make today will change the course of history

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Life, as we currently live it, is unsustainable.  We continue to swiftly deplete our planet's natural resources, pollute our air and oceans, and create more waste than we are able to recycle or reuse.


We have less than a decade to reverse our planet's current path.


Yet the solution lies with each one of us to make lifestyle changes now before it is too late.

Image by Casey Horner

Fact: Our fossil fuels are running out. 


Fact: Humans are generating more anthropogenic mass* (man-made "stuff") per person than his or her body weight each week.


Question: What does the future for our children and their children actually look like if we deny our personal responsibility and fail to take personal action now?

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Life on Earth is affected in a major quantitative manner by the actions of humans." 

Professor Ron Milo
The Weizmann Institute Study*, December 2020.

The responsibility for reducing our consumption, making more informed sustainable choices, radically reducing our emissions and seeking out alternative sustainable solutions for the way we live lies with us all. 


By doing so we can continue to enjoy our beautiful planet safely and sensibly both now and in the future.

"If not now, when?"

It isn't someone else's problem or for World Leaders to solve alone - together we can reverse the current course our planet is taking, but, it requires immediate personal commitment and action.

Image by Fabien TWB

As a British Brand, Vital Spark, aims to make a positive impact on our planet by enabling fellow car enthusiasts to continue to enjoy exploring our British countryside using sustainable electric power in their vehicles, without the poisonous emissions internal combustion engines (ICE) currently create. 

In all of our operations, we take pride in working ethically with like-minded people, using local suppliers, where possible, and we strive to minimise our waste at all points of our operations. 

We certainly haven't perfected things yet and are continually looking to improve our impact on the planet.

We hope to inspire and encourage you to help us preserve our heritage, enjoy our planet and ensure its viability for future generations.

"If not you, who?"


Electric-powered vehicles are not just for the future but something we can and should embrace today.  If you've a classic car sitting in your barn or garage isn't time you considered converting it?


Whatever you choose we must all do our part to ensure a viable and sustainable future for future generations.


If you'd like to find out more about our products and services, or what steps you can take to improve your impact on our planet, then please get in touch today!