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  • Access to Specialist Advice Throughout

  • Full Inspection Post-Conversion

  • 12 Mth Service Post-Conversion


  • Our Specialist Team will convert your Classic Car

  • Comprehensive updates throughout the Conversion Process

  • Full Inspection Post-Conversion

  • 12 Mth Service Post-Conversion


  • Purchase a converted British Classic Car from our stock or request a vehicle to be converted to order

  • Annual Service and Maintenance Packages Available



We are passionate about our beautiful British Classic Cars and keen to ensure that they can be enjoyed for generations to come, however, that doesn't mean that it has to cost our planet to keep them on the road...electric-powered cars are not just for the future but the only way that we can maintain our heritage vehicles whilst limiting our impact on the environment.  

Electric classic cars offer reliability with the nostalgia and quirky fun our classics have always offered.

We also know that our classics are becoming fewer and will not be possible to continue to maintain them all moving forward - so if you're wanting retro classic but something that will last for generations to come - do take a look at our sister products (The Electric Sebring Series) launching in 2022.




Having owned, enjoyed, and traded British Classic Cars over the years - husband and wife team, Gary and Rebecca, together with talented & experienced engineers Paul and Artur, founded Cotswold Based Vital Spark Electric Classic Cars after becoming more aware of the negative impact their driving passion was having on the planet and wanted to change this passion for good.

Whilst everyone knows the future for modern cars is electric - we believe that electric cars need to be the norm now.  By converting and maintaining our heritage classics we will be using less of our earth's precious natural resources and leave less damage too whilst preserving our heritage for future generations.

At all points of our production and operating processes we strive to minimise waste, reuse what we can, use local suppliers and workforce, and continue to seek better methods of production and working at every stage of the process.  Everything that we are unable to reuse is recycled and new components are either salvaged or created with recycled materials wherever possible.  Whilst we haven't perfected this yet - we strive to work towards this sustainable ethic and hope that we can encourage you to join us too!

We firmly believe that classic cars do not need to be just your weekend car but can now become your main run around as the days of engine trouble on cold days are no more with electrification. 


So, isn't it time you considered an electric classic car or electrifying that one in your garage?


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Photo Credit: The MG Car Club, 2022

Old English White MGB GT, September 1980 with red leather interior.

Restored to a high standard in 2020, converted to electric, and approved by DVLA in January 2022.  26 kWh battery pack powering a 110 v A/C motor, giving 0-60 mph in 12 seconds and a restricted top speed of 100 mph.


Guide price: £39,950 (includes 12 months vehicle warranty and 5-year battery and motor warranty). 

"For the first time in my life, I jumped into the driver's seat and drove and didn't worry about the car breaking down or whether I might have to stop somewhere to give the engine a 'tap' with a spanner!  Electric-powered classics are something else - I am converted!"Recent Test Driver.



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