If you're a petrol-head, like our founders used to be, then the move to an Electric Vehicle (EV) means a huge shift in mindset BUT we've got you covered - take a look at our most frequently asked questions below and feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat more!

What is the range for converted classic cars?

Range is always a concern to new electric vehicle drivers and depends on so many factors including EV set up, aerodynamics, vehicle weight, driving style, weather etc. For low voltage classic EVs, 120+ miles is the target whereas high voltage conversion will be 200+ miles. Remember it is also a mindset shift that you no longer drive until empty with electric vehicles. More information on keeping your electric batteries charged can be found here.

How long does a converted classic take to charge?

Charge time is very much dependant on the EV set up and the output of the charging station. CCS Rapid charging can get you from 20% to 80% in about 20 mins whereas less powerful charging stations may take an hour or more.

How do I charge my converted classic car?

There are four ways to charge your converted classic car (EV). You will need an electrical charging point at home - this enables you to keep charging your lithium batteries whilst your car is idle. More public charging networks are popping up all the time and there are also options for many on the street and at places of work. For more information about charging your car - please click here.

How much does it cost to charge my car?

There are a variety of online calculators to help you work out the cost of charging your vehicle. And this is definitely the time to review your home electricity supplier to ensure you are receiving the best price for your usage. Click here for more information.

What kind of performance can I expect from my converted classic car?

We offer three packages in regards to performance of your vehicle. View our specifications and other technical details here.

What does the conversion process involve?

Click here to access our process to learn more.

What happens once I pay my deposit for my car?

Click here to learn more about our production process here.

Is the conversion reversible?

Yes, we use all the original mounting holes and don't cut the chassis at all. Your original drivetrain will be delivered to you for you to keep if desired or for us to sell on your behalf or responsibly recycle and reuse if preferred.

My car needs some restorative work done to it - can you provide this service too?

Although our specialists have extensive experience of restoration work, our main focus is converting classics to electric. We will give your car a thorough inspection ahead of conversion and will advise if work is needed and may refer you to one of our resoration partners if necessary. These services are offered in addition to our conversion prices - we will happily quote you.

Can we see you at any shows this year?

Yes we exhibited two of our converted MG's at the MG and Triumph Weekend 13-15 August 2021 at Malvern Showground - grab your tickets here: Expect to see us more in 2022 - as we return to some more "normal" times - and also we will be opening up for tours and more in the Spring of 2022 - watch this space!