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So you already own your classic car and are considering electrification, but what exactly is involved? 


Following an initial inspection of your car to ensure that it is in the condition needed for conversion we follow a tried and tested process from the moment you pay your deposit.  We keep you updated on progress every step of the way with regular communications and weekly video updates, and of course, you are welcome to visit your car and speak to our technical team at any stage of the conversion.


No question will be too many - we really enjoy seeing the excitement and anticipation during the conversion process and ensuring you drive away happy!


For conversion levels (technical specs) and low voltage system capabilities then please get in touch to discuss further. 

[Please note that MGB conversion kits are built by our in-house technicians and are delivered as a kit in a secure tamper-proof box so you can effectively plug and play.  Full support is offered as well as full Vital Spark conversion certification.  We will need to inspect your vehicle ahead of conversion to ensure that it is suitable and in good repair to ensure a seamless conversion.]

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